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Rumberto Eko Edits, 12″ Vinyl Released!



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Rumberto Eko Edits, 12" Vinyl Released!

“Rumberto Eko” is one of UFe’s many aliases, under which he establishes himself as a producer of powerful latin themed tracks remixed with the alternative scene in Europe, in mind. His long time friendship with rum and South America is definitely at work here 🙂

The EP consists of 3 tracks: “CUMBIAMOR”, “LUIZA” and “MAS QUE NADA (d’n’b remix)”. The last two have been tweaked to an uptempo but smooth DNB rythm while “CUMBIAMOR” remains truer to the original form.

The joyfulness and Power! so characteristic to UFe’s work are immediately recognised in all of the tracks and his recent almost-obsession with mastering delivers world class quality music!

You can buy the 12″ vinyl version or the digital versions on our bandcamp page, here.