Kosmic Blues release "Roots" EP - Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine
Kosmic Blues release their first EP, “Roots”


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Kosmic Blues release their first EP, "Roots"Published on:

Following the debut success of their first release, “Little Sparrow”, Kosmic Blues continue their universal quest and shortly after release their first EP, “Roots”.

“Each song is an introspection, a profound look that, once started within, gradually turns towards everything that surrounds us. This is how we build our lyrics, our musical story, our orchestration, so that the end result is our own reflection to the world. We are different, but our experiences reveal our common roots. Our message with “Roots” is precisely this – let’s take a journey in time, to our childhood and back, touching those hidden, simple but powerful emotions.”

Kosmic Blues, as the name suggests, is a wonderful blend of blues, funk and electronic beats, with a dash of folk, jazz and old school rock. The result is a fresh timbre and a soothing sound that shelters the listener in an atmosphere of peace and “joie-de-vivre”. Think of Morcheeba meets Jefferson Airplane, but with more than a modern twist.

You can download the tracks on our Bandcamp page, here.

Vocals & Kazoo: Cosmina Soare
Guitar & Bass Guitar: Paul Alexandru
Sampler & Turntables: UFe (Robert Petre)
Production & Sound Engineering: UFe (Robert Petre)
Artwork: Camelia Imbuzan

“Come This Way” composed by Nancy Priddy & Gordon Everett H
“Girl” & “Childhood” composed by Kosmic Blues