Nipple's Delight (DJ Set) - Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine
Nipple’s Delight (DJ Set)

Nipple's Delight (DJ Set)

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Nipple’s Delight is an entity conceived in Bucharest in 2015, by two experienced DJs playing hard-to-find records.

Their background is as diverse as their current musical endeavours. Both have been around for quite a while and both grew up on the ever emerging Bucharest underground scene in the early-2000s. Their nights out used to be all about breakbeat, electro, drum&bass, dubstep and all the niche genres inbetween.

But it’s not about who they were anymore, as much as it is about their diverse yet very specific taste in music, something which is currently best described as a sound meant to decrease anxiety and increase feelings of bonding and trust. In this particular formula, they are most at home playing the kind of slo-mo, disco, broken beat, world, afrobeat, tropical music, weird house and analogue electro you won’t usually hear other DJs play.

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