JAZÚ - Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine


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NeoSoul and Pepper

… where pepper stands for the spiciness of our music, originating from funk, soul and bossa nova influences, along with “organic” instruments: long shepherd’s pipe, accordion, ocarina, spoons and versatile vocal inflections.  

 Love, freedom, music, life, emotions, paradox, long shepherd’s pipe, colors, dance, poetry, philosophy, journey and a lot of joy – all of these are summed up in JAZÚ. 

Ioana Siia – vocals, guitar, percussions, poetry; 

Florin Siia – bass, baby bass, trumpet, spoons, backing vocals; 

Mandela – flute, caval, sound effects; 

​Dan Alexandru – drums, percussions; 

Alexandru Olteanu – piano, synthetizator 

Book JAZU by writing to us at booking@vrtw.life.


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