Ezirk - Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine

Ezirk (DJ Set)

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Ezirk is the little funker & disco lover from downtown Bucharest, born and raised in the old school rhythms of the B-Boy world where he first laid his dancing moves and grooves in his childhood. From dancers, hip-hopers and graffers, inspiration flowed into what later on would become his fluid musical style that has house vibes right at the center of it. With real inspiration and a little “keeping it real” mantra, the artist made his first steps into the musical world.

In this amazing mix that creates the musical character of Ezirk it’s not just the music that pops. It’s also the pleasure of mixing and interacting with people through his great vibe that warms up the crowd and the dance floor with joy and the subtle rhythmical invite to put your dancing shoes on and just move. As he feels the energy of the dancers, the dancers in front of him feel his energy right back, and respond to it and the music played in front of their ears. And just as he moves people and passions on the dance floor, he also moves with ease between crowds, other artists and parties, creating a real music-loving community, even for a night, a weekend or longer periods of time.

There’s a big chance you heard him and danced to his mix at Atelier Panorama, Awake Festival, Electric Castle or one of the events at Atelier Cafe, J’ai Bistrot or BoohaBar –  maybe you just didn’t know that he was the guy  making your feet step out of line!

So if it’s music that warms you up and keeps you going, don’t miss out on his next party and just recharge your vibe with his and a truly awesome musical selection that will make you dance – stop to Shazam – than dance again.

Book Ezirk by writing to us at booking@vrtw.life.


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