Cel Visător (DJ Set) - Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine
Cel Visător (DJ Set)

Cel Visător (DJ Set)

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Cel Visător (”The Dreamer”), which is a word-play out of his birth name, Elvys, is a passionate music selector rather than a traditional DJ, and a digger rather than a hunter-gatherer.

Jazz and Hip-Hop are the two major suns around which his musical world gravitates… But his selections go way beyond these two genres. And it’s the dreaming and the digging that keeps him alive.

His versatility makes him perfectly fit for any kind of event, day or night, chill or crazy, without him losing his dreamy core. His soundtracks are as perfect for a sunrise as they are for a sunset and his freshly dug beats will keep you dancing, dreaming, or both simultaneously.

Having organized music events and local festivals since he reached his sweet 16, Cel Visător can now fill any dance floor with magic and meaning, without a drop of blood. His selections are always Shazam worthy but not often easy to find. There is no accidental tune inside his track-list and no random set of lyrics.

So weather you are looking for meaning, for a magnetic dance floor, a perfect soundtrack or a new musical dimension, he is the dreamer you should call but not wake up.

Book Cel Visător by writing to us at booking@vrtw.life.

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