ALIZARINA (Live Clarinet & DJ Set) - Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine
ALIZARINA (Live Clarinet & DJ Set)

ALIZARINA (Live Clarinet & DJ Set)

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From a techno kick to a melody on the clarinet, ALIZARINA (Global Hybrid Records) oscillates between multiple influences: Klezmer, Tsiganes, Arab and even some Classical Music notes, coming from his childhood musical background.

Resulting from his many travels and a tireless curiosity, ALIZARINA’s music has got real hypnotic power. It settles in your body, whirls in your head, and might ultimately be one with your inner self.

ALIZARINA experiments a brand new music matter. His live set, with the charming clarinet and the intoxicating machines, will make you lose control.

Sensitive, subtle and poetic, this alchemist offers you an outstretched hand to his world.

Jump in… the trip is worthwile!

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